Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Hey family,
How´s everything with you guys? The last week was ready slow for us. We are always running around and doing things but the area is so big that we lose a lot of time walking. But all that time pays off with a baptimsal serivce.Last night Elder Parkhusrt and I found a lady from Columbia. She has been here for about a 1 and a half. She trys to speak portugues but she throws a lot of spanish into and its hard to understand. I had “El Libro de Mormon” in the house so I gave that to her so she could read the it and understand it. So this morning I borrow a spainsh – port. Dictionary to learn to bear my testimony in spainish to her. Later today I will look for a spanish bible to give to her. Man I am so exictd to teach this lady. And learn a little of spanish at the same time.
I love the mission, Elder Spencer


Hey family,
Raimundo was baptized yesterday. The feeling I get during a baptism is awesome, I love that feeling. It makes me feel so happy. I love the mission.This year we didnt do anything special for Thanksgiving, but the baptism was sure a treat. I love the mission.The rain season hasnt arrived yet, they say that only in january that the rain will start. Which means it is super hot. We need to stay in the water.
Pois é I love the mission and I know that The Church is true. I am working for this purpose.
Love Elder Spencer


That was pretty funny about Landon and Quinn. You sent pictures of them around my birthday but it sounds like they are always changing and growing, so are already different than those pictures. That’s great that you guys will spend Christmas with grandma, I know that she will love that. I sent her a Christmas card two weeks ago so it should be getting there any time. I just sent her a card this year. I have not had time to get cards out to everyone, like I did last year. So I need to know grandma´s number to call her for Christmas is that right? Next week I´ll let you know the number that I will use to call you guys. Most likely I’ll call in the morning, right before lunch time (grandma´s time).This last week we had a district conference in the branch. It went really well. I learned a lot. After the conference we went to a park in another elder´s area and watch a movie about the church and answered questions that the public had about the Church. It was the first time that I had done that in my mission. I really enjoyed it. I believe that the zone leaders want to do it in every of the zone.
I love the mission. I am always learning something new each day.
Love you,Elder Spencer


Hey family,
It was awesome to talk with you guys on Christmas day. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. I did missed out talking with some of you, but there is always next time.
Love you all,Elder SPencer


Hello family,
Are you guys ready for thanksgiving? Can you believe that I forgot it was thanksgiving this week until elder parkhurst told this morning? That’s what the mission does for you. You forget everything.This last was really productive I felt. I opened my mouth and talk to a lot more a lot people than I usually do. I love being a missionary.This next Sunday Raimundo will be baptized. I have learned a lot from teaching this past month. I am excited to see him be baptized.I know that the church is true and that life doesn´t stop. I am grateful for the knowledge have been given of the three kingdoms of glory.
We are truly blessed to be living during this time and to have the knowledge that we have.
Love elder spencer


Hey family,
I AM doing well. I sent my last companion to train and he went to Macapa. A place that I have wanted to go to, but I am not sure if I will. My new companion is Elder parkhurst, he is from amom, idadho(?). I am making the change quiet well with him. He is a good elder with a strong desire.Raimundo was not baptized this week we felt that he was ready yet for baptism. We are praying that it will happen this Sunday.I am loving the mission and the people, each day we find wonderful people.
I know that Christ is our Savior and that this is His church.
Love,Elder Spencer
Ps the internet is really slow today.


HEY Family

This week was great. We werent able to teach a whole lot because of the wedding and baptism of Adriana that happen this Saturday. We spent a good part of the week focusing on her and her weeding as well as her baptism. Saturday night was awesome h the members help alot with the food and drinks as well as preparing adriana in terms of her dress and make up.Elder Lacerda was called to train a new missionary. So he will be leaving the área and I will be getting a new companion. The área is going great. Next week we will have the baptism of a deaf man. His name is Raimundo. He was a refernece of a member and has been to church a few times. We still have alot to teach him and tomorrow I will be going to belem to drop off Elder Lacreda and to get my new companion, I will return to my área only on Wednesday night after traveling back from belém.Everything will go happen just like it should.
The Church is true.
Love,Elder Spencer


the raining season is near.
Hey family,The picture that I am sending is of my birthday lunch at a member´s house.This upcammoing week we are going to be super busy with a wedding and a baptism on saturday. Alot to do and so little time to get it done.Hope you guys enjoy the picture.Love,Elder R Spencer

Friday, October 30, 2009


Hey family,
Tudo Bem. The mission is going wonderfully. Eu amo a missão. The best thing that has happens in my life, even better than running. Last week I wrote about a lady that will be marry on the 14 of November. News flash…Just in from The Vila of the cabins (Vila Dos Cabanos)….drum roll please… let´s tune in to Elder Lacerda, he´s at the front of the breaking news. “ Ela vai casar-se no dia 7 de novembro” . No in English please, “She will be married on the seventh of November”.What ?!?!?! That’s right folks she will get marry one week earlier, which means that Elder Lacerda and I will watch the marriage and her baptism together before transfers on the 8 of November.
This is the largest area that I have been in on my mission, is tough on the feet and knees because we end walking more than we do teaching. But it will all payoff in the end with the marriage and baptism of Adriana. Like I said I love the mission, there is no other place that I would want to be right now. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the true and living church of our Savior on the earth.
Com amor,
Elder Spencer


Hey family,
This week we helped a family with the start of their marriage. They will be getting marry on the 14 o f November. Right after the marriage will be the baptism of Adriana (the mom of the family) I am so excited for them. This last week we went to Belem for a conference with President Campos it went well. I am ready my hardest to stay focus on the work of the Lord. Lately I am finding it hard because our area is huge and we need to travel a lot in between investigator´s houses. I just need to trust in the lord that I was given the power to do all things through faith.
I am happy and grateful for the package that I received for my birthday. Thank you Mom and Lisa.
Elder Spencer

Monday, October 12, 2009


Hey family,

My birthday was wonderful, one of the Best Days that I have had on the mission. Saturday we had a baptism of 17 year young man that had some life changing experiences. His name is Willian. So on Sunday morning he was confirmed a member of the Church and received the Holy Ghost. Sunday morning on of ours recent converts received the priesthood. He was ordained to the office of Priest. His name is Maicon, the man that Elder Lacerda and I fasted for a few weeks ago so he could be baptized. Maicon is excited and getting really to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood. He is already talking about it. YES!!!! Willian is talking about serving a mission here in two years. After church we went to Lunch at Zeca and Gloria´s house. They prepared a barbeque for us and crème de maracujá( the passion Fruit) . I love crème de maracujá. The best thing in the world, even better than cake that’s for sure. I took pictures but today is a holiday (Children´s Day) so I don’t have much time to send them to you guys but next week I´ll do my best to get them to you.

Love,Elder Spencer


Hey family,

General Conference was awesome. I learn a lot about my purpose as a missionary and what my purpose will be after mission life. I loved the talk of Elder Holland and the love that he showed for the restored gospel and the Book of Mormon. An example for me as a missionary, as there are many people that don’t have respect for the Book of Mormon and its teachings. Last as I read the Book of Mormon after Conference and I could feel the power that it has for me and the message that brings to my soul. I wish that others would read and ponder the teachings founded in the Book of Mormon. Granit, I too need to improve with and my study of The Book of Mormon and the Bible. That´s the purpose of General Conference is the reminder of the little things that we are not doing in our lives, or at least for me and my life.

I love the gospel.

Elder Spencer


Hey family,

How everything? How’s the ward doing? Getting bigger, I hope?

This week is the best week of the year because the will be prophet speaking to the world. We are blessed to live in this time. I hope everyone else is as excited as I am to listen to the prophet, and inviting others to listen to him this weekend.

President Campos has introduced a new way of working with investigators. Not a way new to be honest but he emphasized one thing that I have forgotten. That is to pass with the investagors every single day. I remember that was the counsel of Bishop Dellenbach when I left but I forget I became too occupied in numbers and not in baptisms of people. These last six weeks I have that I have grown the most since I left home, mainly with my testimony of the Gospel and the Restoration.

Testimonies don’t always come in an instant but generally over time as we study, ponder and pray.

I know that the church is true; I know Jesus is the Christ and the Savior. He has called prophets. And we are blessed for each and every one of those things. We are blessed for the knowledge that we have.

Elder Spencer

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Hey Family,

I am glad to hear that everything is going well back home. One my goals is life is to hike to the “Y”, if Aunt Becky can do it, I can to. Thanks for the hope and the example Becky.

This last Saturday Elder Lacerda and I went to less active’s house. To get to the house and teach the lesson and return to our area of force took us about four and a half hours. Let me explain the journey. We got a van for 1,75 reais. The van took about 40 minutes to get their barrio. In the van we told the driver that we want to get off at the barrio Canaa. When we arrived he told to get off and follow the road. We got out of the van I look down the road and saw a river, I thought to my self “NOSSA E AGORA”. We followed the road and it turned at the river. When we made that turn I saw a bridge. A BROKEN Bridge. ”NOSSA E AGORA” . I asked a man on bike if he knew where that barrio was and he said to keep going and that we would get there. To cross the river we took a 45 seconds canoe ride.( first canoe ride of the mission) then we walked in the forest went across the road and got to the barrio. “NOSSA E AGORA” I look at my planner for the name of the street and the number of the house. I had only the street name. So we found the street after 20 minutes of walking like chickens with theirs head cut off. Once on their street we started to make contacts with people asking if they knew Adriana , and at the same time looking on the clothes line for Garments . We found the house through a member of another church that knew everyone on that street. We found the house and taught Adriana. She wants to get baptized but she is not married. Her husband was baptized eleven years with his sister in Belem. His sister served a mission in São Paulo and she helping her brother and his family become active in the church again.The faith that family has to leave their house every Sunday at 7 in the morning to go to church is huge. Adriana was one of two investigators in the Chapel Sunday. A family that we are working with the lives 2 ,minutes from the chapel didn’t go Sunday because they sleep in.

The test of our Faith.

Elder Spencer
I love the mission

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Hey family,

This last week was named the week of miracles. There is a reason behind. Remember i wrote last week that Maicon would be baptized on Saturday. The baptism didn't happen on Saturday. But it happen Sunday morning before church.

I´ll explain. Thursday night we pass by his house to talk with him about the baptismal meeting. He told us that he would work on Sunday so he wouldn't be able to be confirmed on Sunday. So we canceled the baptism for Saturday for that reason. Friday we started a fast and asked the Lord to help Maicon find time to be baptized so that he could receive the same blessings that his wife received and that the family could be able to go the temple next year to be seal together forever. We ended the fast Saturday at lunch and we hadn't hear anything from Maicon. Saturday afternoon made the journey out of his house to speak with him or his wife. We spoke to his wife because he was working still. But she told us that there was a chance that he wouldnt work on Sunday but she wouldn't know until that night when he return from work. We left with new hope that he would be baptized on Sunday. About 8 o´clock we called Maicon about 15 times but nothing. Nobody answered the phone. We started the trek back our house and about 45 minutes later we called him again after the fifth try he answered and told us that he wouldn´t work on Sunday. Man, was I happy. You have no idea. We called the first conselhiro told him about the baptism was going to happen before church on Sunday. We ran home and called ours leaders to have them come and give the interview at 7:30 Sunday morning. At 8:15 Maicon was baptized. My companion ELder Lacerda baptized him.( his first baptism of his mission)

I have a bigger testimony of that heavenly father really answers our prayers and that fasts are important for our growth and the growth of other people.

I love the Mission.

Love Elder Spencer

I hope everyone understood my e- mail this week.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Hey family,

This weekend we are head for the waters of baptism. Maicon is firm for this Saturday.

This past week flew by. We had a conference with President Godoy of the first quorum of the seventy. He also was the ex mission president of Belem ten years ago. It was an awesome experience to hear him speak. He had so many jokes about the mission that were so true. He talked about many things that happen in the daily life of a missionary and how to be a missionary of success. It was a great spiritual experience for me.

The work in the area is going well; the members are helping out a lot. About four or five this week the members walk with us, taking us to theirs friends to teach them. It´s awesome when the members do that, it’s a lot easier for to teach people. The youth here are super excited and want to get together to find and visit the less actives, to bring them back to church. The youth have a lot of love for their fellow youth. It makes me think if I was ever like.

That reminds of something that President talked about, that the mission should always being going up (like a graph) and that when you return from the mission that that trend of increasing should continue to increase. That when a missionary returns he should still had a fire in the bones to serve the Lord and help his home ward. And not think that all is done, but think that everything has just begun.

That´s what I learned this week.

Com amor,
Elder Spencer

i am not in the picture because i had to leave early to get a boat back to my area.

elder Spencer



This last week was short and we spent were little time working in the area. We had a Conference with president Campos and another with Elder Tubias( an area seventy). The conference with elder Tubias was wonderful. The first on my mission at any type of general authority has come to speak us the missionaries. This next week the second counselor in the area presidency, Elder Goday will come to Belem to speak to us. I am excited because he was the mission president for this mission 10 years ago. I also had the opportunity to hear him speak in the CTM.

We were going to have a baptism this Saturday but it fell though. Maicon and his wife weren’t able to make it out to church on Sunday. But we remarked it for the following week. The area is huge and its not possible to work in it all. I will guess that to walk from one end of the area to the other would take 3 and half hours walking at a good missionary walking pace. The only other form of transportation that we have is a van that passes until seven o´clock at night. So we spend a lot of time walking to Maicon’s house which is a good hour and 20 minute from our house. We go there every single day.

Life is good, and my still learning a ton as missionary. I love it. I am learning a lot with Elder Lacerda.

Elder Spencer


heres a photo of a lady that i taught but didnt get to see her baptism because i was transfered 3 days before. my old comp baptized her. i will attached part his letter about her baptism, so you can read and be elder spencer

Presidente tivemos uma maravilhosa experiencia essa semana com o batismo da irma leodora...Ela chorou ao sair da agua e na confirmaçao ela chou outra vez... ela disse que sentiu naquele momento algo maravilhoso...Quero lhe contar como foi encontrar elssa mulher.. ela tem 78 anos e estava varrendo a frente de sua casa...Eu e elder spencer estavamso andando a muito tempo e eu nao aguentava mais aquele sol na minha cabeça, entao parei e falei com ela... e me surpreendi quando ela disse a idade dela e estava com uma força incrivel...Puxou duas cadeiras e iriamos deixar uma mensagem com ela... quando seu neto flavio chegou e ouviu a mensagem, em trez semana flavio foi batizado e nodia do batismo dela foi tao forte o espirito que ela sentiu o desejo de ser batizada e foi a igreja pela primeira vez na confirmaçao de seu neto de 19 anos.. ela ficou maravilhada com tudo.. nem se importou em andar no sol durante 50 minutos para capela e depois voltar pra sua casa.. a péMarcamos o beismo dela e com toda certeza ela sabia que era aquilo que ela queria... todos os domingos ela vai com seu neto a igreja andando , seu neto recebeu o sacerdocio e ja prepara e distribue o sacramendo, infelizmente ele nao sabe ler mas o presidenete fabio esta ensinando portugues pra ele... e esse sabado ela foi batizada, e chorou ao sair da agua e me deu um abraço e agradeceu pela força que vem do santo espirito...No domingo ela foi a igreja e levou todas suas filhas, e ao ser confirmada ela orou por sua familia para que eles pudessem sentir o mesmo que ela estava sentido pois era mais precioso que tu que é mais precioso... e novamente ela chorou.. sua familia mora em um lugar que nao tem a igreja mas ela vai ampliar a casa e vai tyraze-los pra virem morar aqui e poderem ser batizados e estarem proxiomos dela... seus dois netos seram batizadoa dia 12 e 19... de setembro...O Senhor tem feito milagres nessa area... domingo tinha 159 pessoas na capela com uns 45 homens e os outros ramos tambem estavam cheios...Em breve essa estaca sera dividida pode ter certeza disso...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Tudo Bem?

I am in my new area and with my new companion, Elder Lacerda. He is from Ponto Grosso, Paraná. We are in Vlia dos Cabanos, or in English village of the cabins. I like it here. It is by far the quietest area that I have been in. It´s nothing like Telegrafo, Imperatriz or Castanhal, Vila dos Cabanos is part of a city called Barcarena, which is a 45 minute boat ride from Belém. There used to be Sisters in the area so the house was clean and the area book was really helpful. Vila dos Cabanos is huge, I have been here a week and I still don’t know where everything is. But that doesn´t stop Elder Lacerda and I from working hard. The members are excited to work with us and they want to spilt the branch before the end of the year to help form a stake in the area. The district has only three braches and you need 5 wards to create a stake. But like I said everyone is excited to work so I am excited to see the church grow here in the Vila. I am hoping that president will put another dulpa of missionaries in this area next transfer.My companion is great and he has a huge testimony of the Church. He has been a member for about 2 and half years. He has a strong desire to work. So we are working like animals in the area. We have a baptism marked for the 5 of September. The husband of a recent convert, his name is Maicon ( micheal in english ). Something that I learned from last transfer, that I am trying to apply this transfer to always be speaking to someone about the church. I can see the lord help us in all that we do because of our efforts.
Elder Ryan Spencer
P.s. I hope my English is not too bad.Love you all.Truthfully I love you all it´s not a joke. Stop laughing Lisa. It´s true. Stop it, Lisa. Lisa, why would you think I would lie to you. I really do Love you.

Happy Birthday LIsabeth!!!!!!

Love you.

thank you laura wright for letting me copy this pictures off your blog for your son.

This story is part of a letter from laura's son Adam who is serving in Belem as well.
"elder spencer told me another story that was pretty funny. we were at the church talking with some members and there was this kid who i swear was a devil child cause the kid was just horrible. he punched elder spencer where its not the best place to be punched and then gave him the finger and the kid was like 5 years old and then the kid grabbed my name tag, because i was sitting down and he chucked it across the parking lot. oh boy was i ticked and i said, onde esta seus pais? where are your parents? and he said, eu não gosto de te, i dont like you! so yeah elder spencer and i were just like who is this kid! so that was a pretty funny story because elder spencer got beat up ha ha"

Monday, August 17, 2009


(beware in this letter ryan uses text speak and I couldn't understand it to translate it! If your better at this give the translation a try!)

Hey family,
This is my last r-day in castanhal. I Will be tranfer this Wednesday. To wh=ere, i=C2=B4ll let you guys know next week. This last Sunday was wonderfu=l. I watched one man that i taught pass the sacrament for the first time=. And i wacthed another recievce the priesthood. I tesfoed that the i did=in this area was worth it. It was the first in my mission that i wacthed=a man that i baptized get the priesthood. And i saw two in Just one tran=sfer. It was awesome.Like i Said i Will be transfer, i Will recieve a com=C2=B4panion straight o=ut of the CTM. I AM exicte beacuse new missionaires always are funner to =work beacuse of thier spirits and thier desires to serve the lord. Positi=on of leaderships dont even enter their minds. All they want to do is wo=rk for the lord.I know that the church is true and this is the work of the lord to brign to=p=C3=A1ss the immortially and eternal life of man. I AM grateful for the=oppurtinty that i have had and Will have.
Elder SPencer

Friday, August 14, 2009

Catching up...


FamilyOnce again this we work very little in our área but we worked alot in the área of other Elderes and sisters. It was a tough week. Our only investigor and her three sons didnt GO to this Sunday. They are reading the scriptures and praying everyday to gether but hey Will not make a visit at church. It sad but its the choice that she made.Like i Said we worked in Just about every área but ours. Which means we trveled a lot this last week. We left to Brangança on Friday and came back Sunday morning Just before church here in Castanhal. Its been a long and trying week. We were blessed on Sunday. an inactiuve showed up with her boyfriend on Sunday so we Will start working those and baotize the boyfriend.Thanks for the Picture of the blue cross. Im not sure to think about that. The pictures of mom´s trip were cool. Especially the one with mom and her closed eyes. I know where i get it from.
Com amor
Elder Spencer
P.s. did you guys get the package that i sent. I hope it gets there.


Hey family,How are things going? Well? I am going great. This last week we were able to work in our area a lot more. We are starting in a new area of the city called the milarge. I am feeling good about the area. I feel like i am at home when are working there. I good to know that elder mccombs feels the same way as i do. We are trying to make an area of force with the inactives that we are finding the church membership list. I am really excited for the area and I am going to wait for the milagres to happen here.This last week as Edler mcCombs and I were walking home Saturday night we were blessed with the opportunity to serve a family who car was stuck in the mud. The family probably should not have been driving down that road beacuase it always fills up with water and its super muddy. We were walking down the road because it was a short cut to get to another area of the city. To be honest elder and I were not sure if we should get a bus or walk. We didnt feel that the bus was necessary and it was an opuutrinty to save a couple of reis. So as what most missionary would do walk. We walked down a super long road. In the middle of it we found this family and there car in the mud. There had been trying for one hour and wasn’t able to get pout the mud. After 15 minutes of our arrival we were able to help them and their car. What I learned that sometimes the spirit its not as loud as we would like to be, that why we did to be in tune all the time. If through I didn’t feel like i needed to walk or take the bus the spirit leaded my comp and I to that family to help them in their time of need.
Elder Spencer


Hey familyWhats happenig this week inyour lifes? This last week flew companion Elder Mccombs left to the states and I AM in trio with Elder Hart and Elder Charles till Wednesday. I enjoyed my time with Elder mccombs. Great Guy.The new mission president arrived this last week ,pres campos. He seems to be a great Guy.i´ll meet him this week.I AM good and i AM happ.pushing forward.Have a good time in new York and take pictures for me to see, mom and dadand good luck with the the family history search i hope it Will give results. And alot of work.
Love you all
Elder SPencer


Alot of questions about the fourth of July, so lets starts there. Their were some fireworks in the middle of the city but nothing like home. But they were realy fireworks that you could see when they were in the air. It was quite the sight. The morning of the fourth i was in an área doing a baptism intreview and at the chapel there were kids of an american family and they told about the celebration that they had that morning. They atcully were the ones that remined me that it was The fourth of July.My new caompainion is Elder Stadnicki from statna catriana(?). He is cool. The new president is Pres campos from Teresinha. He is not like pres hoggan, alot younger and alot more virbrant.I like him. I also liked pres hoggan as well. I do feel that i Will learn missionary and life skills with Pres campos. Pres Campos is really exicted to work and that pass to us the missionaries.I am exicted to see the pictures of mom and dads trip to new York, it sounds like it was a blast. And without a doubt i want to get to know Quinn. I cant wait to see her.Things that i am learning this week and the next 1000 weeks of my life. How to work and recongize the holy ghost in my llife.
LOVe you all,
Elder SPencer


Hey family and friends,It sounds like everyone is enjoying their summer. For some is a vacation and others work time. Here in brasil summer vacation is only one month, and that month happens to be now in july. But the working in flying. My new companion loves to make contacts, so i just follow his lead. We have a few people with date of baptism on the first of agust. YES!!!The elderes that i live with now are awesome. President Campos visited our branch Sunday. He loved it. Things are comimg along quite well here. I loving life. We are aorking hard to the region turn into a stake before the end of the year. President campos goal is to get a temple dicitst before the end of his mission in three years. Fire in the bones. Fire in the bones.
ELDer spencer


Hey,Working hard and hard work, the way it should be.(WITHOUT ANY DISTRACTIONS LIKE TIME).Lets keep it that way please. This week we had a meeting with President Campos. His is different but I like it. He is a lot more in your face. We are working hard to get a stake in the region. It’s coming fast. Yes, yes. We have a baptism this next week, Flavio. He is firm. It will happen.I had an interesting experience this week on a city bus. I started to make a contact with a man on the bus and as I am explaining to him where the church is and I heard another man, on the other side, explain to me how it is like. So I stop talking to the first and I made a contact with the second man. Afterwards my companion asked why I stopped talking to the first man and turned to the other. Then I explained that I heard the man explained what the church looked like. Then my companion said that he heard nothing. Afterwards thinking back on it the second really didn’t know where the church was or that it existed in castanhal.Sunday I gave a talk in sacrament meeting about missionary work. It went well.Loving the mission.Elder SpencerBythe way i got the package and the letter from Quinn it was awesome. The letter from was the best email get of my mission. I am still laughing about it. Thank You


Hey family,How are the troops? The duck, the gesse, the goats, the grankids, the married people, the students, and the many other type of BIRD live in our backyard.( i didnt get dad´s weekly report how many eggs did you get each of the week.)Everything is Just peachy with me. We had a baptism last Saturday and it was wonderful. I Love watching baptism of people. The Best part of the mission is the feeling that i get we i see someone enter the water with someone else that has the priesthood to realize baptism in the name of Jesus Christ. I am unable to explain how i feel . i Just know that it is the Best feeling that i have ever felt. The name of the man that was baptized is Flávio. He is really humble. he can´t read but he is working his but off to learn. Since we have him a lesson about the gifts of the spirit, He has had such a storng desire to learn how to read and write. I gave him the the Book of Mormon on Cd so He could listen to the book of mormon.( so thanks to the guys that sent it to me, it´s blessing the life of another.) now we are working with the rest of family.I know that the church is true and that the work that i am doing is the work of the lord. I am so grateful of the opportuiny to see the lifes of people change through the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
Elder Spencer


Tudo bem, tudo bem.this weekend i traveled alot in the zone because of a meeting that we gave with President campos about missionary work. It was awesome. We left castanhal Friday afternoon to Bragança. We had a meeting in Bragança with the two branches there. Saturday morning at 5 in the morning we went back to castanhal to work in our área in the afternoon. About 5 we went to another city called capenama for another meeting. We arrived late about eight thrity and missed a good part of the meeting. That same night we went back to castanhal. Sunday we had the meeting here and it was awesome. We did na aprestantion of the tree of life with the president belo, the district president. Then pres campos gave his training to the members, and it was awesome. Pres. Campos uses alot of vídeos to make his points. I know that is the mission president and was called by God. Yesterday our baptism from last week week given the priesthood. Way cool to see his progress in the gospel. He Will be a missionary. I know He Will be.
love elder spencer

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Sorry about last week but i was not able to send an e-mail because the Internet was down in the whole during the Pday. Transfers happen about a week and half ago and i AM in a new area of Castanha. Its a city about an hour outside of Belém. Its a Nice ,well designed city. I AM going to Love it. I already do. In the city there are 3 ramos. This is my first ramo of the mission and fun thing thing is that is bigger and runs better than any ward that i have been in on my mission. Funny how things work out that way.l its a little cooler here so at night i don't sleep we a fan. this weekend We are going to have a baptism of man, His name is Wellington. I am really excited for him and things that will move in his life.As for my companion. He is from Thousand Oaks. Its his last transfer. His name is Elder McCombs. HE is a great Guy.Well that all from me this week.
LOVe Ryan


Oí familia,

Hey, is cody writing to you guys because i havent recieved a single email from him. Whats his email address so I can send my emails to him.This last week was busy and its only to stay that way till Friday of this week. Last Tuesday we played Frisbee. It was awesome. We played two games and half way through the second it started to pour. It rained so hard, but it was awesome. I PLAYED FRISBEE IN THE AMOZON ….WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?YES!!!!!!!!!!! my life is complete.=) this week we also had a baptism of Medelyn. YES!!! I need to play Frisbee more often to baptize more people.


Elder spencer

Thursday, May 28, 2009


today is my Pday. we changed it only for this week because of a meeting that we had sunday night.anyway how are things?

we are going to have baptism this saturday. YES!!! she is an elcect of the lord. as well we have another baptism in two saturdays of another elct of the ready for the photos that i´ll be sending next week.

- Bady carots discovered in the north of Brazil.
by george, are you serious?
YES, Elder spencer made the dicovery and just about died.
--spencer Gazette

i hope you get that. anyway the bady carrots are grown in Bakersfield, Ca. i blew my mind. i hope they still have them at the supermarket, if they do i´ll take a picture.

- DID you know that cut grass in Brasil smells the same as cut grass in Norco, CA. Thats right I made the dicovery two weeks. It brought back meories.

Did you know that.....

...i love you all.

Elder Spencer


Hey family,It was great to speak with you guys. I loved it. Hard to believe that it was my third time calling. Time passes way too fast. It really is hard to believe that I been out for one year and three months already. It sounds like everyone is so different ( SO AT LEAST THAT WHAT YOU WANT ME TO THINK) but Aaron was the only honest one.

I can’t wait to see pictures, at least, of Landon and Quinn.Anyway thank you Laura and Lisa for making me feel homesick and old on the mission. Asking about what I have planned after the mission. I want to leave the subject on the back burner, just simmering for a little bit longer.

I went to the Post Office this morning and I got a notice about the package that you guys sent. The people in São Paulo decided to send it back you guys because they found Beef Jerky in it. I am not sure if you wrote it on the front of the package of what. If you send it again you don’t have to send Beef Jerky, I’ll live without.

Well I’ll get better next week with my letters by writing in my planner things that during the week they happen.

Love you all,
Elder Spencer

P.S. Laura send in an email your order for a Hammock with the colors. I´ll try to send a photo next week of some types of REdes.


Who would have thought that Cody would serve where mom and dad started their married life together. Cody can ask dad for references. Too funny. Hey, when I AM going to get to read Cody´s letters.

Things are starting to move around here in Imperatriz. Starting to get the help of members . Which is the key to missionary Work. The members helped the investigators that were at church yesterday. It was wonderful.

My comp and I doing together. We are very similar. Shy. But in the end it all works out. i AM better getting the members to help and He better at talking to people on the street. Its great to be his comp because we arrived on the mission the same time and we leave the mission the same time. But Will we the leave from the same mission. QUEM Sabe?( Who knows?) The new Will form in 2 months and the area presidency hasn't Said anything to the Pres Hoggan about the new mission. Any way whatever happens I´ll be ready and willing.

Tomorrow we are making the trip to São Luis for conf with pres hoggan. So i´ll get to see Elder Clark...YES!! I Can not Wait.

I hope you enjoyed the photos that i sent. And i AM super excited to talk with you guys Sunday afternoon. Wait for my phone call Saturday about the time. And don't forget the phone call. I hope Landon Will speak to me. Which reminds of na experience this last week. We were teaching a family. There was a little girl of one year and 8 months. I was amazed that she could speak to me so clearly. And i could stop think about Landon and Quinn.

Com Amor
Elder R. Spencer

Friday, May 22, 2009


Hey family,

Last Monday you will not believe what I did for an investigator. It was Monday and we went to go check up on an investigator that didn't go to church Sunday. It was a about 8 o´clock so she was already sleeping. So we knocked at the door but nobody answered. But there was music on. So i looked at Elder Dos Santos and told what what Bishop Dellenbach suggested for me to do a Christmas. That is go to all the widows in the Ward and sing for them. Then we both said “well April a time to start” so we sung today my soul has Light. She finally opened up the door and gave a mad face but towards the end we saw her face light up. It was awesome.

This last week as well it rained like crazy. here in Imperatriz, is all flat so when in rains it turns into a lake. In front o four house there was just a river flowing.

Love you all,
Elder Spencer


Oi family,

I went to belém this week to renew my visa and to get a new comp.Elder Dos Santos from campinas, São Paulo. We have the same time in the mission. One year and two months. He´s cool and extremely smart. So I am looking forward to learning a lot with him. I am always looking forward to improving my Portuguese as my English goes down the drain. Its a good thing right.

Thanks for the picture I like it. Actually it was awesome.

I am short on time this week but next week i´ll be sure to write more.

Elder Spencer



This past week was the end of the transfer. We challenged the missionaries in the zone to find 1 family ,30 men, and 30 people in total as new investigators. And to our surprise they all achieved that goal. So our zone of 5 companionship's found in total 9 families. 77 men and 161 new people in this week alone. It was great, I Just hope it got everyone into the missionary spirit, and will keep them there. an awesome experience happened because of the goal that we set. As we were worried and in a rush to find new people, we talked to a few people that are really golden investigators. One man named Ribamar. As we taught him the first lesson about the restoration of the gospel we invited him to be baptized. During the invite it looked like was going to say, “but i have been baptized already and don't need to be baptize into your church.” But that's not what He Said. Instead He Said” let me first read the Book of Mormon and pray about it and GO to church and then we´ll see IF i AM ready.” It was the Best lesson that i taught all week. I loved it.AS i Said that it was the end of the transfer and my good friend Elder Clark is leaving Imperatriz and leaving me behind. I really enjoyed the time that i was with Elder Clark. He is going to São Luis later to night. As for my new companion I´ll know Thursday morning.This next transfer Will be great. I feel it.I hope every one enjoyed their Easter weekend. I sure enjoyed mine.
With Love,
Elder R. Spencer



Conference was awesome. I hope you all watched all the sessions and learned for the Prophet of God. I enjoyed it. The talk that help me the most was Elder Pearson´s in regards of Faith and Not Doubt the Power of God. Surprisingly that was one of the few that i listen to in Portuguese and the one that was the most powerful to me.

I am going to make it a goal in my life to always put Conference first in my life. To always watch it as it is happening. Things that were taught are all things that we need to put into practice now. I can't believe that people would put that the Voices of the prophet and apostles on the back burner in the place of other things. Like I said the teachings are for us to put into practice now. Once again in my life i can say that we are guide by Prophets, seers and revelators.
The work is going forth. Slow but going. I am loving it.

Elder Spencer

Monday, March 30, 2009


hey family,
the tranfer is coming quickly to an end. only two more weeks. I beleive that iwill stay here in Imperatriz(a.k.a. the best place on the face of the planet) until july when the mission will be created. it would be cool to say that i help a brand new mission open up in brazil. but we´ll see what will happen in a few months. i cant believe that it is april already. time flies.This last week i went on a spilt in the land of Açai( Açailandia) an hour bus ride from Imperatriz. I dont think that i have ran up hills as steep as the ones there in the land of Açai. the rolling hills are awesome. i took pictures, so not worry.
today we are going Fishing the Tocatins River. Yes!!!! my first time fishing on the mission and in the country that they call BRasil.
LOve you all
congratultions on the progress you guys are making in life.
Reading assigiment 1 Nephi 17. How can you be a better Missionary? Think about it
Elder Spencer

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Tudo Bem.
This last week we traveled to São Luis, again, for a Conference with President Hoggan. I cant believe President is going home here in the end of June and the mission will be divided and a new mission president top of that. Just be recap on where I am and who I am with. I am still in Imperatriz of the state of Maranhão. My companion is Elder Clarke from Twin Falls. I love it here. Last night we crossed the river to teach a family in the state of tocantins. The family that we taught was extremely humble and willing to listen to the Message of the Restored Gospel OF Jesus Christ. They were amazed at he fact the power of God is here on the earth to today. That same power that was given to the Apostles of Christ when Christ was here. That God called a prophet to lead and guide us through a world of torment and pain that we live in today. That the Church has twelve apostles and a prophet that have the god given power to baptize in the name of Christ for the remission of sins. To fulfill the teachings of the Savior. I am grateful for the opportunity and humble to serve the Lord here in Brasil. I know that the Church is in fact guided prophets and apostles and that no other church on the face of the earth has the power that was given the boy prophet Joseph Smith.
Elder Spencer
Loving the Mission

Monday, March 16, 2009


Hey family,

This past week I went back to belém for the transfer meeting and conselho with presdient hoggan. It was great and I learned a alot. I am not a big fan of 9 hour bus rides at night but I enjoyed seening other elderes at the transfer meeting. This week we are going to são luis for another conference with president Hoggan beacuse his doesnt make the trip out to imperatriz for zone conference here. That justs mean that i will on another bus for 9 hours at nightime again this week. :( but the bright side is that i will have the chance to learn alot of cool stuff with president again this week.This last week we found a man named Roberto that is progressing, but didnt make out to chuch yesterday beacuse his wife was sick. he is super humble and wants to learn. I am exicted to help him out.

I read a scripture in mattew the other day that i like a lot. One that I am sure that most of you know by heart. Mat. 6:21.scripture of power.I hear that cody gave a talk in church yesterday. Are you ready, cody? You are going to love it. What´s the area are in your mission?

Love you all,
Elder Spencer
The mission address in Imperatriz
Caixa Postal 141
Imperatriz, MA65900

ITs the PO box the mission has here so missionaries can get mail here rather than waiting for the leaders to bring it back from belem.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Well another fun day in the cyber. I enjoyed the letters that you sent me. For the package, Peanut butter and beef jerky. They don’t have those things here.

This last was a hectic week, we ran around trying to saves the lives of missionaries and not trying to save the lives of people. The mission. The blessings did come. Elder Clark and I went on a visit to any a city that is one hour and a half away from the Imperatriz. The drive to get there was some of the most beautiful scenery that I have seen in my life. I took a video. IT was all green and wide open spaces. The majority of it was cattle and farming land. I loved it .and I loved it. Did I mention that I loved it. The best thing that I saw in my life. I love it. If Cody wants to start up a cattle ranch he should start it up here. I love it. Did I say that, I love it, yet.

Like I said that his week was rough with the elders in our zone but at the end of the week on Saturday we walk to a members work to get his money for our lunch. He gives us money because he lives on the other of the river, so we can’t eat at his house. Anyway we showed up and he said jump in the car, we are going to eat lunch together today. He took us to a rodizio grill that was wonderful. A lot better than eating on our own.

This past week was a week of growth. I hope everyone is doing great back home and enjoying life. I haven’t hear a lot of what is happening back home. It makes me worried at times.

Love you all,
Elder Spencer

I just love that drive.
Good luck Cody on the mission.

Monday, March 2, 2009


It was another great week here on the mission. My testimony about everything that is related to the gospel grows everyday, without fail. I Love it here. I know that through my struggles that i have on the mission and in my life are for my benfit and Will shape me into the person that hevenly father needs and wants me to be. I AM grateful and humblied to be called by a prophet of god to serve as a servant and representive of chirst in the city of imperatriz.
The other Day my compnaion and i were walking and two men that were not from the city stopped us on the Road. They asked Who we were and and why were here. As we told them about the gospel and about the propehts and others leaders of the church, their eyes were filled with amazment to know that there is a prophet on the earth that has recevied the Power of god the teach and to realize baptism for the remission of sin. Unfortuanltey we are not able to teach them becuase they live in a town that is too far for us to travel. I Love being a missionary. The Best thing that has happeni n my life.
Even over running.
Elder Spencer