Monday, August 25, 2008


This week came and went. We are struggling to find new people to teach. Two Sundays ago a few members brought their friends to church and we are struggling to contact them during the week to teach them, but they went to church last week as well. Saturday we had an awesome service project with the ward. We were building up the foundation of dirt around a few members homes. One members cant live in his home because when it rains his house floods with two feet of water because the street is higher the house, so the ward is trying to fix that problem by building up dirt around the house.
Take Care
Elder Spencer

Monday, August 18, 2008


Tudo Bem,

this week was another tough week but i am still living. Lisa asked me to write a little bit concerning how members can be involved in missionary work. because she listen to the homecoming talks of Jared and Jason Leber (you guys are living right) and she liked how they stressed the importance of members and the success they had when the members work with the missionaries. Tá certo. at times in the life of missionary work it is easier for me to contact a reference than to knock on a door. anyway, yesterday at church Pres Hoggan gave a talk about the members in the work. it was really good, i didn't think to much of it but it jump started or gave more fuel to one member. he knocked on doors after church on his street

and gave us 3 references on Sunday night as we were walking to our apartment. it feels so sweet to me not to have to ask the members for references. last night we only had to walk up the door of our apartment and we had 3 refs without having to ask for them. :):):) this same member befriends people when they come to church. the first time the time i saw him talk one our investigators i thought they were friends and already knew each other.they laughed and talked, that's a big help. as well this member is willing to go on splits with and share his testimony.
splits( testimony)
Ryan Spencer

Monday, August 11, 2008


this week was not every good teaching wise. we are only working with one family that is progressing but is a long way from baptism. but the family is awesome and i love to teach them. i just love that family. they always have the best questions. they already bought a triple combination and the bible. the members are starting to give us more refs to work with. just trying to stay focus and work hard. this morning at 5 o´clock i was thinking about my worth as a son of god and the worth of other people as well. i read about the potential all people have because we are sons and daughters of god.(romans 8:17(?) e 3 nephi 12:48) eu acho.estás escrituras são muito boas.
remember who you are and who you are going to become,
Ryan Spencer

Monday, August 4, 2008


i am doing fine. things are rolling along here in the area. finishing up an other transfer. were teaching one family who are super excited about the gospel. at church they are practically members of the ward. Franicso, Aline and victor. the ward is really good and they are trying to give us as much support as they can.its tough being here and knowing the Olympics are about to start. anyway four more years. the bishop here is really great and he really generous. we have 6 ward missionaries. Cody baptized some one the other week. that's great. i just need to keep pushing on to the front and get some work done.
love you all, take care