Tuesday, October 21, 2008

October 21st 2008

Thank you for your love, support and help. this week went well. i had a split with the zone leader and learned alot. we are working hard and trying to find people. we will help a couple get marry this friday. the wife, Zezé will be bapstied in 2 weeks. still working on the husband.
Love Elder Spencer
elder anjos and I ice in brazil

Monday, October 13, 2008


Thank you all for the birthday massages they were all welcomed with big wide open arms. Funny thing, the 12 of Oct. was a big catholic holiday and it takes place here in Belem. It’s the biggest gathering of catholics in Brazil to worship the Saint of Nazare but moving on to better things. the 12 was also kids day here in Brazil, so the church had an activity for the primary and a few members had a cake awaiting for me thanks to elder sears spilling to the whole world that it was my birthday, but the cake was also taken in by big, wide, open arms( and mouths), elder sears took pictures so someday I get them for you guys .the cake is the biggest I have ever gotten for my birthday. The elder qurom president, miller, made it for me. He made a promise after his mission to help the missionaries out in any way that the missionaries asked or needed. This was fulfilling his promise, making me a cake.
Anyway we had to move the Basptimal date of Zezé back a week. So that was a let down to have to tell that she need to await another week after awaiting for 6 months to get married.
I am doing better with the language as the days progress.
Well that’s my letter for the week.
Take care.
Elder R. Spencer

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Lisa here:
I complied a few special birthday messages for our Elder Ryan on his 20th Birthday!

Dear Elder Spencer,
A special wish for your 20th Birthday. How great that is for you to celebrate it in the mission Field... What a special place to be. Have a great day and a wounderful year of great missionary experiences,
Love, Brother AND Sister McPhie

RYAN!!!!! I hope you have a fabulous birthday and that all of your wishes come true! I'm glad that you are doing so well in the mission field! Keep up the good work! :)
Love, Rachel Leber

Hi Ryan,

Happy Birthday! We hope that you are well and having a good time.
As they say in Star Wars, may the force be with you!! Or as they say in Primary, “you’ve had a birthday shout hooray! We want to sing to you today! One year older and wiser too! Happy birthday! to you!! In Spanish, Feliz Cumpleanos! I don’t know how they say “Happy Birthday” in Portuguese but I am sure it is similar! Anyway, we love the church and all that it does for our family! May God bless you with whatever you are in need of.

The Bingham Family

Hey there Elder Ryan,
Happy forthcoming birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Elder Spencer, Happy Birthday to you. We are praying for your success and grateful you are enjoying your mission.
Love, Bishop and Sis. Dellenbach

Happy Birthday Ryan!!
What a wonderful week, after conference, being so filled with messages and inspired to do and be better. The message I kept coming back to was Elder Bedar's talk on prayer. "Our morning prayers prepare us spiritually for the day, then our evening prayer links to our morning prayer. All the small prayers in-beween, all linking together."...he said it so much better. But I think of your missionary work and how you are doing this kind of praying on such a regualr basis that you don't find it that unusual, but it is something I need to work at.
I'm glad Lisa encouraged us to write a note. You have a wonderful family! I think of you regularly. I hope you have a great 20th birthday. I am proud of you and the great work you are doing! Love, Aunt Lynnette

Lisa again: Hope you are having a wonderful birthday in brazil, hopefully those brazilians know how to party!
Love, your sister Lisa and the rest of the Webbs


well i am in a new area called Laranjeria (orange tree, but i haven't seen an orange tree in the area yet), a neighborhood of Icui , Icui is a barrio of the city of Annanuiea. we are opening up the area. the members are awesome and willing to help out. its one of my quietest area yet.´it reminds me a lot of Norco with the horses and the cows on the road and there are a lot more trees here´and all dirt roads except the road of the buses. we have one baptism marked of the 25 of this month, Zezé, she is going to get marry the 24th, she has be waiting for over a year to be baptized and she is excited for the 25 . we went to Gerenal conf yesterday and Saturday and that was awesome i enjoyed it. my favorite quote was from sister Dalton about you can have a desire to win but without the desire to prepare it doesn't mean anything.well someday i´ll send pictures but not Today
Thanks for the letters especially about Landon and Quinn they sound so big.