Friday, October 30, 2009


Hey family,
Tudo Bem. The mission is going wonderfully. Eu amo a missão. The best thing that has happens in my life, even better than running. Last week I wrote about a lady that will be marry on the 14 of November. News flash…Just in from The Vila of the cabins (Vila Dos Cabanos)….drum roll please… let´s tune in to Elder Lacerda, he´s at the front of the breaking news. “ Ela vai casar-se no dia 7 de novembro” . No in English please, “She will be married on the seventh of November”.What ?!?!?! That’s right folks she will get marry one week earlier, which means that Elder Lacerda and I will watch the marriage and her baptism together before transfers on the 8 of November.
This is the largest area that I have been in on my mission, is tough on the feet and knees because we end walking more than we do teaching. But it will all payoff in the end with the marriage and baptism of Adriana. Like I said I love the mission, there is no other place that I would want to be right now. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the true and living church of our Savior on the earth.
Com amor,
Elder Spencer


Hey family,
This week we helped a family with the start of their marriage. They will be getting marry on the 14 o f November. Right after the marriage will be the baptism of Adriana (the mom of the family) I am so excited for them. This last week we went to Belem for a conference with President Campos it went well. I am ready my hardest to stay focus on the work of the Lord. Lately I am finding it hard because our area is huge and we need to travel a lot in between investigator´s houses. I just need to trust in the lord that I was given the power to do all things through faith.
I am happy and grateful for the package that I received for my birthday. Thank you Mom and Lisa.
Elder Spencer

Monday, October 12, 2009


Hey family,

My birthday was wonderful, one of the Best Days that I have had on the mission. Saturday we had a baptism of 17 year young man that had some life changing experiences. His name is Willian. So on Sunday morning he was confirmed a member of the Church and received the Holy Ghost. Sunday morning on of ours recent converts received the priesthood. He was ordained to the office of Priest. His name is Maicon, the man that Elder Lacerda and I fasted for a few weeks ago so he could be baptized. Maicon is excited and getting really to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood. He is already talking about it. YES!!!! Willian is talking about serving a mission here in two years. After church we went to Lunch at Zeca and Gloria´s house. They prepared a barbeque for us and crème de maracujá( the passion Fruit) . I love crème de maracujá. The best thing in the world, even better than cake that’s for sure. I took pictures but today is a holiday (Children´s Day) so I don’t have much time to send them to you guys but next week I´ll do my best to get them to you.

Love,Elder Spencer


Hey family,

General Conference was awesome. I learn a lot about my purpose as a missionary and what my purpose will be after mission life. I loved the talk of Elder Holland and the love that he showed for the restored gospel and the Book of Mormon. An example for me as a missionary, as there are many people that don’t have respect for the Book of Mormon and its teachings. Last as I read the Book of Mormon after Conference and I could feel the power that it has for me and the message that brings to my soul. I wish that others would read and ponder the teachings founded in the Book of Mormon. Granit, I too need to improve with and my study of The Book of Mormon and the Bible. That´s the purpose of General Conference is the reminder of the little things that we are not doing in our lives, or at least for me and my life.

I love the gospel.

Elder Spencer


Hey family,

How everything? How’s the ward doing? Getting bigger, I hope?

This week is the best week of the year because the will be prophet speaking to the world. We are blessed to live in this time. I hope everyone else is as excited as I am to listen to the prophet, and inviting others to listen to him this weekend.

President Campos has introduced a new way of working with investigators. Not a way new to be honest but he emphasized one thing that I have forgotten. That is to pass with the investagors every single day. I remember that was the counsel of Bishop Dellenbach when I left but I forget I became too occupied in numbers and not in baptisms of people. These last six weeks I have that I have grown the most since I left home, mainly with my testimony of the Gospel and the Restoration.

Testimonies don’t always come in an instant but generally over time as we study, ponder and pray.

I know that the church is true; I know Jesus is the Christ and the Savior. He has called prophets. And we are blessed for each and every one of those things. We are blessed for the knowledge that we have.

Elder Spencer