Thursday, May 28, 2009


today is my Pday. we changed it only for this week because of a meeting that we had sunday night.anyway how are things?

we are going to have baptism this saturday. YES!!! she is an elcect of the lord. as well we have another baptism in two saturdays of another elct of the ready for the photos that i´ll be sending next week.

- Bady carots discovered in the north of Brazil.
by george, are you serious?
YES, Elder spencer made the dicovery and just about died.
--spencer Gazette

i hope you get that. anyway the bady carrots are grown in Bakersfield, Ca. i blew my mind. i hope they still have them at the supermarket, if they do i´ll take a picture.

- DID you know that cut grass in Brasil smells the same as cut grass in Norco, CA. Thats right I made the dicovery two weeks. It brought back meories.

Did you know that.....

...i love you all.

Elder Spencer


Hey family,It was great to speak with you guys. I loved it. Hard to believe that it was my third time calling. Time passes way too fast. It really is hard to believe that I been out for one year and three months already. It sounds like everyone is so different ( SO AT LEAST THAT WHAT YOU WANT ME TO THINK) but Aaron was the only honest one.

I can’t wait to see pictures, at least, of Landon and Quinn.Anyway thank you Laura and Lisa for making me feel homesick and old on the mission. Asking about what I have planned after the mission. I want to leave the subject on the back burner, just simmering for a little bit longer.

I went to the Post Office this morning and I got a notice about the package that you guys sent. The people in São Paulo decided to send it back you guys because they found Beef Jerky in it. I am not sure if you wrote it on the front of the package of what. If you send it again you don’t have to send Beef Jerky, I’ll live without.

Well I’ll get better next week with my letters by writing in my planner things that during the week they happen.

Love you all,
Elder Spencer

P.S. Laura send in an email your order for a Hammock with the colors. I´ll try to send a photo next week of some types of REdes.


Who would have thought that Cody would serve where mom and dad started their married life together. Cody can ask dad for references. Too funny. Hey, when I AM going to get to read Cody´s letters.

Things are starting to move around here in Imperatriz. Starting to get the help of members . Which is the key to missionary Work. The members helped the investigators that were at church yesterday. It was wonderful.

My comp and I doing together. We are very similar. Shy. But in the end it all works out. i AM better getting the members to help and He better at talking to people on the street. Its great to be his comp because we arrived on the mission the same time and we leave the mission the same time. But Will we the leave from the same mission. QUEM Sabe?( Who knows?) The new Will form in 2 months and the area presidency hasn't Said anything to the Pres Hoggan about the new mission. Any way whatever happens I´ll be ready and willing.

Tomorrow we are making the trip to São Luis for conf with pres hoggan. So i´ll get to see Elder Clark...YES!! I Can not Wait.

I hope you enjoyed the photos that i sent. And i AM super excited to talk with you guys Sunday afternoon. Wait for my phone call Saturday about the time. And don't forget the phone call. I hope Landon Will speak to me. Which reminds of na experience this last week. We were teaching a family. There was a little girl of one year and 8 months. I was amazed that she could speak to me so clearly. And i could stop think about Landon and Quinn.

Com Amor
Elder R. Spencer

Friday, May 22, 2009


Hey family,

Last Monday you will not believe what I did for an investigator. It was Monday and we went to go check up on an investigator that didn't go to church Sunday. It was a about 8 o´clock so she was already sleeping. So we knocked at the door but nobody answered. But there was music on. So i looked at Elder Dos Santos and told what what Bishop Dellenbach suggested for me to do a Christmas. That is go to all the widows in the Ward and sing for them. Then we both said “well April a time to start” so we sung today my soul has Light. She finally opened up the door and gave a mad face but towards the end we saw her face light up. It was awesome.

This last week as well it rained like crazy. here in Imperatriz, is all flat so when in rains it turns into a lake. In front o four house there was just a river flowing.

Love you all,
Elder Spencer


Oi family,

I went to belém this week to renew my visa and to get a new comp.Elder Dos Santos from campinas, São Paulo. We have the same time in the mission. One year and two months. He´s cool and extremely smart. So I am looking forward to learning a lot with him. I am always looking forward to improving my Portuguese as my English goes down the drain. Its a good thing right.

Thanks for the picture I like it. Actually it was awesome.

I am short on time this week but next week i´ll be sure to write more.

Elder Spencer



This past week was the end of the transfer. We challenged the missionaries in the zone to find 1 family ,30 men, and 30 people in total as new investigators. And to our surprise they all achieved that goal. So our zone of 5 companionship's found in total 9 families. 77 men and 161 new people in this week alone. It was great, I Just hope it got everyone into the missionary spirit, and will keep them there. an awesome experience happened because of the goal that we set. As we were worried and in a rush to find new people, we talked to a few people that are really golden investigators. One man named Ribamar. As we taught him the first lesson about the restoration of the gospel we invited him to be baptized. During the invite it looked like was going to say, “but i have been baptized already and don't need to be baptize into your church.” But that's not what He Said. Instead He Said” let me first read the Book of Mormon and pray about it and GO to church and then we´ll see IF i AM ready.” It was the Best lesson that i taught all week. I loved it.AS i Said that it was the end of the transfer and my good friend Elder Clark is leaving Imperatriz and leaving me behind. I really enjoyed the time that i was with Elder Clark. He is going to São Luis later to night. As for my new companion I´ll know Thursday morning.This next transfer Will be great. I feel it.I hope every one enjoyed their Easter weekend. I sure enjoyed mine.
With Love,
Elder R. Spencer



Conference was awesome. I hope you all watched all the sessions and learned for the Prophet of God. I enjoyed it. The talk that help me the most was Elder Pearson´s in regards of Faith and Not Doubt the Power of God. Surprisingly that was one of the few that i listen to in Portuguese and the one that was the most powerful to me.

I am going to make it a goal in my life to always put Conference first in my life. To always watch it as it is happening. Things that were taught are all things that we need to put into practice now. I can't believe that people would put that the Voices of the prophet and apostles on the back burner in the place of other things. Like I said the teachings are for us to put into practice now. Once again in my life i can say that we are guide by Prophets, seers and revelators.
The work is going forth. Slow but going. I am loving it.

Elder Spencer