Tuesday, July 29, 2008


tudo bem,
this week went by super fast . i have little time to write because we had a zone activity and that ate up my p-day. the first time i played soccer with Brazilians. it was different playing with people that all can play, very well. they said that I played well for a American, because i scored one goal. the area going slowly but going we had about 5 people in the capela domingo. so it was a good day. I went on a spilt with my district leader this week and it was a great learning opportunity. elder da silva is awesome and he knows the Scriptures really well and has a grande testimony.
sorry for the short letter,
hope everyone had a great week.
Ryan Spencer

Monday, July 21, 2008


Well another week, went really fast. We had one investigator at church, Germano .his first time at church yesterday I am pretty sure he enjoyed even tough elders Quorum was an interesting experience. Gave my first talk in Portuguese yesterday at church. The 1st counselor in the bishopric lives across the street from us and ask us at 7 o´clock in the morning to give talks in church because one of the speakers fell through. So I had a grand total of 20 minutes to decide what I was going to speaking about and what scriptures I was going too used. I talked about the love of Christ and the importance of the sharing the gospel with others. A grand total of maybe 4 to 5 minutes. It was fun and an awesome experience. It doesn’t help that I am not a big talker. I am trying my best to change that. Anyway the members starting to help more in the work and the Bishop is all fired up to make the ward a missionary´s ward. He called two ward missionaries yesterday and plans to call 4 more.
take care you all. (hey I am from Norco)
Ryan Spencer

Monday, July 14, 2008


Well, i am still adjusting to a new companion and the new area here in Entroconmento(?). we are teaching one family that´s really excited about our message and they went to church yesterday but in a different ward. Franciso, we contacted on the street, is the father and He is Just crazy, but in a good way. He Always has something to said, some little joke or some little piece of commentary to add to the lessons.
One Day this past week all of our appointments fell through and we had to knock doors from 7 to 9 pm. Instead of walking around until we found a street to knock doors, We pulled out the map and Elder Gimenes and i took turns looking at it and writing down names of 5 streets that we each thought we should go and batar portas. After my turn we compare lists to see if we had a street that was the same. And the Lord always delivers. We had only one that match. So went there and knocked on two doors. We tracked into a Young woman with 25 years of age that lost her son when He had 4 months. So we taught the plan of salvation to her. It was awesome. She seemed excited after the lesson but she didn't make to church yesterday.
I hope everyone is doing well. Sounds like Jared is home from Chicago by now and his brother Will follow in his footsteps, in the comming weeks.
Stay healthy, everyone.
Ryan Spencer

Monday, July 7, 2008


Well I am in a new area. Two areas over from Telegrafo. And I have a new comp. he is from Campinas. He is a good guy. the area is three or four times larger than telegrafo. So there is a lot more walking here. Today was my first day washing my clothes by hand. New experience!!!!!Anyway, we had two new investigors at church Sunday. Which was awesome. They really seem to enjoy church, even though it was fast Sunday, which is generally different than a regular Sunday meeting. Francisco, the man at church, said that he is going to go out a buy a Bible so he could have is own to read at church instead of using mine. There are a lot less members here than in telegrafo, which was weird at church because I am used to seeing all the chairs full, but here one fourth of the chapel is full.
Love you all,