Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Sorry about last week but i was not able to send an e-mail because the Internet was down in the whole during the Pday. Transfers happen about a week and half ago and i AM in a new area of Castanha. Its a city about an hour outside of Belém. Its a Nice ,well designed city. I AM going to Love it. I already do. In the city there are 3 ramos. This is my first ramo of the mission and fun thing thing is that is bigger and runs better than any ward that i have been in on my mission. Funny how things work out that way.l its a little cooler here so at night i don't sleep we a fan. this weekend We are going to have a baptism of man, His name is Wellington. I am really excited for him and things that will move in his life.As for my companion. He is from Thousand Oaks. Its his last transfer. His name is Elder McCombs. HE is a great Guy.Well that all from me this week.
LOVe Ryan


Oí familia,

Hey, is cody writing to you guys because i havent recieved a single email from him. Whats his email address so I can send my emails to him.This last week was busy and its only to stay that way till Friday of this week. Last Tuesday we played Frisbee. It was awesome. We played two games and half way through the second it started to pour. It rained so hard, but it was awesome. I PLAYED FRISBEE IN THE AMOZON ….WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?YES!!!!!!!!!!! my life is complete.=) this week we also had a baptism of Medelyn. YES!!! I need to play Frisbee more often to baptize more people.


Elder spencer