Monday, November 10, 2008

nov.10th, 2008

This week went by fast.we worked hard but we didn't get too much success. well the transfer was this past week and Elder Sears and I are still together for this transfer. The area is full of people to teach, the the problem that we are having is getting people to go to Church. Yesterday it started to rain just before church started which we think impede people to make a visit to church. I am doing well and making it through the times. Elders are starting to call me older in terms of the mission and i still feel like i arrived yesterday. I have a a lot to learn in the bunch of time that i have left.
anyway love you all, have fun doing what you are doing.
Elder Spencer

Monday, November 3, 2008

Nov. 3rd, 2008

This week we had the baptism of Zezé. She had been waitng for 6 months to be baptized. Elder Sears baptized was awesome to see the first baptism of Elder Sears Misson. the last two days of the week were hectic i was running all over the place to do baptism interviews for others missionaries which took us out of the area alot. bythe way the whole zone baptized this last week. it was a good end of the transfer.i hope the next 6 weeks will be just as wonderful. Loving the mission and the things that come along with it.
Love Hion Xspencer (aka Ryan Spencer)

the things that have little importance but are worth to hear about.

i finally did a way with my towel it was way too big in the first place and was getting huge holes in it. so i cut it in half and donated one half to the house that we live in as a cleaning towel and keeped the other half for my shower towel.

saw one one halloween party.

Oct 27th 2008

Well this week was one for the books. I help in a marriage. Zezé was married this past friday to her almost husband of 30 years. Its was funny because there was not a big party of any sorts. Zezé is more exiected for her baptism this Saturday than she was for her wedding. The most import thing now is that is she living the comandments and will be baptized this Saturday.YES!!! This past week i went a spilt with an Elder that arrived here in Belém with me so that was great to spend time with someone that I left the CTM with. Parabéns Cody and let me know where you are going.
Elder R Spencer