Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Hey family,
How´s everything with you guys? The last week was ready slow for us. We are always running around and doing things but the area is so big that we lose a lot of time walking. But all that time pays off with a baptimsal serivce.Last night Elder Parkhusrt and I found a lady from Columbia. She has been here for about a 1 and a half. She trys to speak portugues but she throws a lot of spanish into and its hard to understand. I had “El Libro de Mormon” in the house so I gave that to her so she could read the it and understand it. So this morning I borrow a spainsh – port. Dictionary to learn to bear my testimony in spainish to her. Later today I will look for a spanish bible to give to her. Man I am so exictd to teach this lady. And learn a little of spanish at the same time.
I love the mission, Elder Spencer


Hey family,
Raimundo was baptized yesterday. The feeling I get during a baptism is awesome, I love that feeling. It makes me feel so happy. I love the mission.This year we didnt do anything special for Thanksgiving, but the baptism was sure a treat. I love the mission.The rain season hasnt arrived yet, they say that only in january that the rain will start. Which means it is super hot. We need to stay in the water.
Pois é I love the mission and I know that The Church is true. I am working for this purpose.
Love Elder Spencer


That was pretty funny about Landon and Quinn. You sent pictures of them around my birthday but it sounds like they are always changing and growing, so are already different than those pictures. That’s great that you guys will spend Christmas with grandma, I know that she will love that. I sent her a Christmas card two weeks ago so it should be getting there any time. I just sent her a card this year. I have not had time to get cards out to everyone, like I did last year. So I need to know grandma´s number to call her for Christmas is that right? Next week I´ll let you know the number that I will use to call you guys. Most likely I’ll call in the morning, right before lunch time (grandma´s time).This last week we had a district conference in the branch. It went really well. I learned a lot. After the conference we went to a park in another elder´s area and watch a movie about the church and answered questions that the public had about the Church. It was the first time that I had done that in my mission. I really enjoyed it. I believe that the zone leaders want to do it in every of the zone.
I love the mission. I am always learning something new each day.
Love you,Elder Spencer


Hey family,
It was awesome to talk with you guys on Christmas day. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. I did missed out talking with some of you, but there is always next time.
Love you all,Elder SPencer


Hello family,
Are you guys ready for thanksgiving? Can you believe that I forgot it was thanksgiving this week until elder parkhurst told this morning? That’s what the mission does for you. You forget everything.This last was really productive I felt. I opened my mouth and talk to a lot more a lot people than I usually do. I love being a missionary.This next Sunday Raimundo will be baptized. I have learned a lot from teaching this past month. I am excited to see him be baptized.I know that the church is true and that life doesn´t stop. I am grateful for the knowledge have been given of the three kingdoms of glory.
We are truly blessed to be living during this time and to have the knowledge that we have.
Love elder spencer


Hey family,
I AM doing well. I sent my last companion to train and he went to Macapa. A place that I have wanted to go to, but I am not sure if I will. My new companion is Elder parkhurst, he is from amom, idadho(?). I am making the change quiet well with him. He is a good elder with a strong desire.Raimundo was not baptized this week we felt that he was ready yet for baptism. We are praying that it will happen this Sunday.I am loving the mission and the people, each day we find wonderful people.
I know that Christ is our Savior and that this is His church.
Love,Elder Spencer
Ps the internet is really slow today.


HEY Family

This week was great. We werent able to teach a whole lot because of the wedding and baptism of Adriana that happen this Saturday. We spent a good part of the week focusing on her and her weeding as well as her baptism. Saturday night was awesome h the members help alot with the food and drinks as well as preparing adriana in terms of her dress and make up.Elder Lacerda was called to train a new missionary. So he will be leaving the área and I will be getting a new companion. The área is going great. Next week we will have the baptism of a deaf man. His name is Raimundo. He was a refernece of a member and has been to church a few times. We still have alot to teach him and tomorrow I will be going to belem to drop off Elder Lacreda and to get my new companion, I will return to my área only on Wednesday night after traveling back from belém.Everything will go happen just like it should.
The Church is true.
Love,Elder Spencer


the raining season is near.
Hey family,The picture that I am sending is of my birthday lunch at a member´s house.This upcammoing week we are going to be super busy with a wedding and a baptism on saturday. Alot to do and so little time to get it done.Hope you guys enjoy the picture.Love,Elder R Spencer