Friday, September 18, 2009


Hey family,

This weekend we are head for the waters of baptism. Maicon is firm for this Saturday.

This past week flew by. We had a conference with President Godoy of the first quorum of the seventy. He also was the ex mission president of Belem ten years ago. It was an awesome experience to hear him speak. He had so many jokes about the mission that were so true. He talked about many things that happen in the daily life of a missionary and how to be a missionary of success. It was a great spiritual experience for me.

The work in the area is going well; the members are helping out a lot. About four or five this week the members walk with us, taking us to theirs friends to teach them. It´s awesome when the members do that, it’s a lot easier for to teach people. The youth here are super excited and want to get together to find and visit the less actives, to bring them back to church. The youth have a lot of love for their fellow youth. It makes me think if I was ever like.

That reminds of something that President talked about, that the mission should always being going up (like a graph) and that when you return from the mission that that trend of increasing should continue to increase. That when a missionary returns he should still had a fire in the bones to serve the Lord and help his home ward. And not think that all is done, but think that everything has just begun.

That´s what I learned this week.

Com amor,
Elder Spencer

i am not in the picture because i had to leave early to get a boat back to my area.

elder Spencer