Friday, September 18, 2009



This last week was short and we spent were little time working in the area. We had a Conference with president Campos and another with Elder Tubias( an area seventy). The conference with elder Tubias was wonderful. The first on my mission at any type of general authority has come to speak us the missionaries. This next week the second counselor in the area presidency, Elder Goday will come to Belem to speak to us. I am excited because he was the mission president for this mission 10 years ago. I also had the opportunity to hear him speak in the CTM.

We were going to have a baptism this Saturday but it fell though. Maicon and his wife weren’t able to make it out to church on Sunday. But we remarked it for the following week. The area is huge and its not possible to work in it all. I will guess that to walk from one end of the area to the other would take 3 and half hours walking at a good missionary walking pace. The only other form of transportation that we have is a van that passes until seven o´clock at night. So we spend a lot of time walking to Maicon’s house which is a good hour and 20 minute from our house. We go there every single day.

Life is good, and my still learning a ton as missionary. I love it. I am learning a lot with Elder Lacerda.

Elder Spencer