Monday, March 9, 2009


Well another fun day in the cyber. I enjoyed the letters that you sent me. For the package, Peanut butter and beef jerky. They don’t have those things here.

This last was a hectic week, we ran around trying to saves the lives of missionaries and not trying to save the lives of people. The mission. The blessings did come. Elder Clark and I went on a visit to any a city that is one hour and a half away from the Imperatriz. The drive to get there was some of the most beautiful scenery that I have seen in my life. I took a video. IT was all green and wide open spaces. The majority of it was cattle and farming land. I loved it .and I loved it. Did I mention that I loved it. The best thing that I saw in my life. I love it. If Cody wants to start up a cattle ranch he should start it up here. I love it. Did I say that, I love it, yet.

Like I said that his week was rough with the elders in our zone but at the end of the week on Saturday we walk to a members work to get his money for our lunch. He gives us money because he lives on the other of the river, so we can’t eat at his house. Anyway we showed up and he said jump in the car, we are going to eat lunch together today. He took us to a rodizio grill that was wonderful. A lot better than eating on our own.

This past week was a week of growth. I hope everyone is doing great back home and enjoying life. I haven’t hear a lot of what is happening back home. It makes me worried at times.

Love you all,
Elder Spencer

I just love that drive.
Good luck Cody on the mission.