Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Tudo Bem?

I am in my new area and with my new companion, Elder Lacerda. He is from Ponto Grosso, Paraná. We are in Vlia dos Cabanos, or in English village of the cabins. I like it here. It is by far the quietest area that I have been in. It´s nothing like Telegrafo, Imperatriz or Castanhal, Vila dos Cabanos is part of a city called Barcarena, which is a 45 minute boat ride from Belém. There used to be Sisters in the area so the house was clean and the area book was really helpful. Vila dos Cabanos is huge, I have been here a week and I still don’t know where everything is. But that doesn´t stop Elder Lacerda and I from working hard. The members are excited to work with us and they want to spilt the branch before the end of the year to help form a stake in the area. The district has only three braches and you need 5 wards to create a stake. But like I said everyone is excited to work so I am excited to see the church grow here in the Vila. I am hoping that president will put another dulpa of missionaries in this area next transfer.My companion is great and he has a huge testimony of the Church. He has been a member for about 2 and half years. He has a strong desire to work. So we are working like animals in the area. We have a baptism marked for the 5 of September. The husband of a recent convert, his name is Maicon ( micheal in english ). Something that I learned from last transfer, that I am trying to apply this transfer to always be speaking to someone about the church. I can see the lord help us in all that we do because of our efforts.
Elder Ryan Spencer
P.s. I hope my English is not too bad.Love you all.Truthfully I love you all it´s not a joke. Stop laughing Lisa. It´s true. Stop it, Lisa. Lisa, why would you think I would lie to you. I really do Love you.

Happy Birthday LIsabeth!!!!!!

Love you.

thank you laura wright for letting me copy this pictures off your blog for your son.

This story is part of a letter from laura's son Adam who is serving in Belem as well.
"elder spencer told me another story that was pretty funny. we were at the church talking with some members and there was this kid who i swear was a devil child cause the kid was just horrible. he punched elder spencer where its not the best place to be punched and then gave him the finger and the kid was like 5 years old and then the kid grabbed my name tag, because i was sitting down and he chucked it across the parking lot. oh boy was i ticked and i said, onde esta seus pais? where are your parents? and he said, eu não gosto de te, i dont like you! so yeah elder spencer and i were just like who is this kid! so that was a pretty funny story because elder spencer got beat up ha ha"