Monday, May 26, 2008

May 26th 2008

We are rolling right along:


Thanks for all the letters. I wish I could respond to them all. I type too slow and time is limited. I hope all is well back home.This week as been weird and rewarding. My first transfer within the mission happens on Wednesday. I am pretty sure that I am staying put in Telegrafo but you never know. What makes it hard is that I live with the guys that make and know the transfers for the mission a week ahead of it actually happening.And weird because one of the aps left for home this morning. I went on splits with him many times in the past 6 weeks and now he has left for home. It's like I just start and why are you leaving in a hurry? So that was different and now there is a new guy to fill His spot. I have never been one to like change but I am finding that I need to change and become accustom to things faster to make for a smoother transition.

We were in the waters of baptism last Saturday. The lady that we baptized was going to be baptized two Saturdays ago but ran into to some problems. But she made it through it.Turns out that she has a 9 year old too. So we are going to teach him as well. We had 11 people at church yesterday which was rewarding because the work is finally paying off. The aps said that they are going to create 5 new stakes in the belem area here in a little awhile. You need 10 stakes for a temple to be built. So I am not sure what the total would be after the new 5 stakes are added. The work is progressing in belem.

Take Care Ryan Spencer