Friday, May 2, 2008

April 28th 2008

well its been a crazy week here in Belém. we are always working and walking to and from appointments. there always seems to be some to teach. last night i had buffol meat and açai(fruta here in brasil). the açai made mine whole mouth purple.i´ll send pictures of that another time. the irma that was serving us was putting food on my plate everytime i was about ready to call it quits.that was a good lunch. theres a saying in the mission that in branches you dont eat but in wards you eat all the time. i am in the biggest ward of the mission. we are still working with that one family towards thier baptism, which is going to happen this saturday. i´ll hope that it all goes through and they make it through the week. thanks for the package it arrive two or three days after i did. all the mail goes through the mission office so if any one was wondering that thats the address to send it to for the rest of my mission. here in belem i will get it the day it arrives because i live with the office staff, but anywhere else ill had to wait for the next transfer( which is every 6 weeks).
take care
ryan spencer