Friday, May 2, 2008

April 2nd 2008

yea i got the all the info from alb. but i havent gotten my pin number for the debit card yet. and yesterday the post office down here in brasil went on strike so i am not sure how long that will last for. apparently it has happen twice in the past two months and didnt last longer than 5 days. so i hope for the best. as for the transfer to belem i dont know of my plans until the day before we are to leave. early a tuesday is my best guess. the last group to belem left at 430 in the morning to the airport and and had a laid over in brasilia and then a flight to belem. i do know that there will be about 6 americans and another 6 brazilians going to belem the same time i do. i also know that i leave on a tuesday so ill go a week without a p day. its kinda scary to leave the ctm because i know that the ctm is nothing like belem. i am doing alright with the language but we will see how much i really know we i get in the campo. last night i was reading in alma chapter 14 and it really hit me hard the things that we can overcome through faith in christ and the power that he bestows upomn us when we exerse faith in him.
Ryan Spencer