Monday, May 19, 2008

May 19th 2008


Well this week has been an interesting one. I went a whole day a senior in a way on Thursday with Elder McCombs. He was my trainer comp in the CTM. Anyway my comp was sick with pink eye and stayed home with another elder who was sick also. Elder McComb is not familiar with the area or the people that we have been teaching, so I had to make all the decision's on where to and what to. It was different and definitely a lot more stressful.

The baptism for this week fell though on us, which is disappointing. the mission pres challenged us this week not to knock a door, unless it was a reference. So everything that we did was through names that members and investigators gave us. Friday night we went to one reference and there was 10 people waiting to hear our message it was great. Too bad only one person showed up to church Sunday but she did say that she really enjoyed it. So well see what happens there. People are more willing to hear and listen to you when you have a friend of theirs with you at the door step.

Thanks for the emails and the pictures.

This week I added a picture of a baptism two weeks back and pictures from the president house, which has a great view of Belem. As well the river at ver o rio. This morning we went to the pres house for breakfast and had pancakes and blueberries muffins. I am definitely being spoiled because I live with the office staff (and gaining weight which everyone says I'll loss it soon).

tachua, and take care

Ryan Spencer


Abi said...

I worked in Telegrafo a bit but one of my companions spent almost a year there. He was E. Parronchi and was there in 1997-1998 - I am sure that many of the older members would remember him. my nephew E. Rory Taylor served in that ward too.

Is the mission home still the one 'perto das docas'? It has that black gate and a big garage area where the missionaries wash their clothes. If it is - I lived there too and it is hands down the nicest thing that I saw. When I travelled through the mission in 2001 I saw that it even could have hot water in one of the showers.

FYI: I am JOE WILSON. I served in Belem in 1997-1999, but spent most of my mission far from Belem - like Santarem, Oriximina, Macapa/Santana, Obidos (I opened Obidos in Jan 1998), and also some time in the Maranhao.