Monday, May 5, 2008

May 5th 2008 (First Baptism)


Well this past Saturday i had my first three baptisms. Niaha, the mother of a family that we have been teaching, ask me to baptism he(The only one i performed). It was nerve cracking because my Portuguese is as bad as my English. so it took me a couple times to say the prayer exactly right. It didn’t help that she was trying to tell me what to say as I was saying the prayer(which wasnt the prayer at all) . But in the end everything turned out great. I said it the right way. Its was an awesome experience, reflecting back on it as I walked to the house. It was like WOW I just help someone open up the doors to heaven tonight by using the power of Priesthood of God . AWESOME. Right now we have about 5 or so people progressing towards the waters of baptism. The members are wonderful here. they are Always willing to give help and to teach with us. The members are KEY. You can see difference when you teach someone that was contacted through a member or a member is involved and a person that was not contacted through a member or doesn’t have the support of member.

Thanks for your support and love,

Ryan Spencer

Elder Hinsdale and I


The Webbs said...

Way to go Ryan!