Friday, May 2, 2008

April 21 2008 (in Belem)

well i got to belém about a week ago. the ctm was great, but i am out and about walking around and teaching with my new comp.( mainly he teaches and I try to follow along), whose been in the feild for 7 months and on a mission for 9 months. he´s great and a hard worker. He is from chico, ca. he is a great elder and i think well get a long just great. i am inbelém. i am serving in telegrafo, a burro if you will of belem, sort of downtown belem. the mission office happens to be my area, so i am in the nicest house of the mission. which is kinda of nerve racking for where ill be sent to next, but i wont worry about that to much. theres eight elders na casa . the aps and the office staff and then my comp and i as full time teaching elders. i been on spilts with the aps every night expect one so far. their are great guys and harder workers. the ward here is the biggest of the mission and they want to spilt it soon. the reason that i work with the aps so much because they are assinged to work in our area all the time, when not traveling around the mission or in the office. i hope i am making some sense. I came into belem from the ctm with eighteen other missionaries. all the americamns stayed in belem except one sister who went to macappa(?). I belive all the other sisters stayed in belem . the braizilans elders went all over the place.The work is hard but there is always someone to teach here. We have one familiy progressing towards baptism, which will be exicting. The people are all great and loving and willing to hear our message. Its be a shock of how they live here. I am not in the jungle by any means but some times you wonder how they make ends meets here.
Até logo,
Elder Spencer
p.s. happy to birthday to anyone that has had a birthday recently or will have one soon