Monday, June 2, 2008

June 2nd 2008

Hey,This week we had all the zone leaders at the house for the transfer meeting. 25+ missionaries makes for a pack house. I am still in telegrafo with my trainer. I went to the templo yesterday. Yes i did. I attend the dedication for the curitbia temple. I bore my testimony yesterday in sacrament mtg at church because their were few people there. all 8 missionaries in the ward bore their testimonies. This week we have found a lot of people to teach. A lot of men. But the biggest problem with the people here in Brazil is that no one is married . they will say they are married but that doesn't mean they are legally married. Its tough for a lot of the people to see the importance of marriage here. One it doesn't mean much to the government and people generally don't have the money to get marry. The women dream of a big wedding and all that stuff, but people generally don't have the means to get marry. This week i hear the reason why one person wouldn't get marry is( from a man) because my parents and my grandparents are not married why should i be married. (following the traditions of their fathers). Anyway everything is progressing here. This transfer is going to be really good and really fast. Only 5 weeks. I have started to go the gym this past week. We jog to the gym for about 2 to 3 minutes and my heart races. It was a tough jog. But it felt great.
Take Care,
Ryan Spencer