Monday, June 23, 2008


I have had a pretty good week. It´s been hot and muito chuve. Which is normal. The investigators are keeping up again which is what we want. Nobody is ready for baptism for a couple of weeks but we have people that want to learn about the gospel. Thanks to the help of the members. A couple of Sundays ago the ward called a new ward missionary leader. He is a convert of 2 years and he is 20 years old and preparing to serve a mission. His got a huge desire to fire up the members again. The staff want to move the staff house closer to the office so that means that I will have to move from here in a week or so. They want to move before the transfer is over in a week. So I will be changing houses in a week, regardless of being transferred out of Telegrafo. We will see what happens.
This morning I was reading in alma 32 sobre . The parable of a seed. I love the language that was used to describe how a good seed grows. A swelling of your soul. First we have to try out the gospel then it takes time for the seed to grow or not to grow. If it’s a good seed it will grow and your soul will swell. If it’s a bad seed then it wont grow. Anyway about the good seed. We need to nourish that seed in our soul so it will become a tree. And continue to nourish the tree that we can one day partake of the its fruit, eternal life. Matt 7 has a similar parable, with the same idea about faith. Developing faith is an ongoing process, just like the other principles of the gospel.
Take care all,
Ryan Spencer


The Webbs said...

Ryan, I love it when you give us scripture references to study!