Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Weekly Report From Telegrafo

Hey family,

I had p day on Tuesday this week as you have probably already guess. We changed so we could go to the Bosque which is closed on Mondays. It was awesome and well worth the change. The Bosque is a Forest in the middle of Belém, that was set aside so that you could enjoy the rain forest in the big city.(just my guess) It was nice to walk around at a slow pace in shade and to enjoy the animals that where there. Mainly birds and moneys, and one manatee(?).

This past week was tough , i wasn´t able to work at full speed because I was a little sick. But I talked to Sister Hoggan and everything is going to be alright. Just a new American adjusting to the food here in Brazil. The ward is starting to die on us with the help in the work and we are trying to re jump start them. We have very few investigators right now and we are trying to help the ones we have out in every possible way we can.

Something one of the A.P.s stresses in his teaching, that i would like to share, is the reality of Satan. That he does exist. When we don't realize that he exists that's when we run into problems in your life and when He has the most control over us . But at the same time we must remember that there is a Savior and realize His reality and what he offers for us for us. We have a lot of investigators and even some recent converts that don't realize the reality of both beings. The work is not going as fast as it was in the first couple of weeks that I was here. We are getting into a cycle that we don't want to be in. This week one of our goals is to not do anything without a member. Simply because it is easy with the help from the members than spending all day knocking on doors.

Well, congrats Cody on graduating Thursday, I was thinking about you. Quinn the new born, welcome into the family, and parabéns to everyone on becoming a great grandparent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or a parent this week. Bridget went to Europe, Steele went to CA , Grandma to Hawaii and Becky stills has Toby that's awesome.

take care,