Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Well this last week I did alot of traveling. The whole zone took back to back bus rides at night for a zone conference with president Hoggan in São Luis. I have not became a big fan of bus rides that are for 10 hours along. The conference was good and I got to see Elder Sears again and Elder Wadsen. Elder Wasdsen came to Imperatriz to go a split with us. It was cool walking around with my first companion in the mission, and this time I was the senoir compianion beacause we were working in my area( I am a Big Boy Now). It bought back memories of my days in Telegrafo. This last week pass by super fast. Saturday we had the marraige and baptism of Beto and Sonia. Remeber the early days of the church, when missionaries were in England. The people that were batized in engalnd were asked to Pack up and move to salt lake city. Those people must of had a lot of faith to make that kind of move across the ocean, then across the USA to be close to a prohet of God and other leaders of the church. To revice the blesssings of recieving counsel for the church leaders, that recieve counsel from Heavenly Father. Well Beto and Sonia are those kind of people that would make that move. They have so much faith and desire to do what is right and follow the counsel of the prophet. I was blessed with oporunity to help them be baptized, married and eventullay sealed in the House of the Lord.
Until next week
Elder Spencer
Spencer 001 Elder Ferrato and I in the Rain
SPencer 002 Elder Clark and I At the marriage of Allyson and Mayara.