Monday, February 2, 2009


Hey ,
I got to my new área, and yes we get to use email and the rest of the luxuires that you people have back at home. I am in a different state, called Marahão. I am in the city of impertriz. There is only one zone here and i am in the middle of the city so i am close to all the stores and internet places. There is not a place in the mission that is out in the middle of no where, so not be worry. Transfers were Wednesday in belém and the next day we had meetings to attend. On Thursday night we left at 9 o´clock at night at the bus station and went by bus for the whole night until we arrived in Impertriz at 6 in the mornoning. Impertriz is one of the hottest places in the mission. So far i have helped in 3 baptisms and one marriage. Sweet. It was the coolest thing in my life even though i wasnt one of the missionarties that did the teaching it good to the work going onward. I am going to have a wonderful time here , I can feel it. Here in the zone there is a closed ward so we go to the church building three times a week to teach the friends and family of members. So we are helping another couple get married rigth now so by the end of the transfer we should have another marriage and baptism.
Well congrations cody for the mission call. You are going to love it. When do you report to the mtc, and who is your mission president and where are the pictures of you opening up your packet.

Elder Spencer

Enjoy the week everyone one

By the way my new caompian is Elder Clark from twin falls. He is a huge guy. He hás been in the mission 4 more transfers than i have.