Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Its was a good week.i had a a lot of fun this week.I flew a kite, the coolest thing in the world. And i had a foot race with my companion to see Who could place a pass along in a pay phone first. I lost, i was on the outside and Elder Clarke,who plays football so his pure force, strength and size overpowered me. Good times.The week was tough teaching wise. we had some good quality lessons, but not a lot. This last week i felt that i improved in my ability to talk to people. My Companion is helping me out with the language and i AM grateful for it. My troubles in the language are letting me know how much of a prideful person i have been for my whole life.This upcoming week we will have conferência with the president in Saint Luis. Its the capital of the state and its on the other side of the state by the ocean. So we are going to take a bus all night long and spend the next day at conference and get another bus and return back to impertriz that same night. The next day I will GO on splits with Elder Wasden, my first companion in the mission. So i am pumped up about this next week. I get to see a whole bunch of people that i have not seen in awhile and i get to see Saint Luis, a place that i have wanted to serve in, since i arrived in the mission. I hope that it will be my last área because its the coldest place in the mission with the ocean breeze which will help me get used to the cold weather . but that time is way in the front.
I Love you all and hope that you Will have a good week.
Elder Spencer