Thursday, May 28, 2009


Who would have thought that Cody would serve where mom and dad started their married life together. Cody can ask dad for references. Too funny. Hey, when I AM going to get to read Cody´s letters.

Things are starting to move around here in Imperatriz. Starting to get the help of members . Which is the key to missionary Work. The members helped the investigators that were at church yesterday. It was wonderful.

My comp and I doing together. We are very similar. Shy. But in the end it all works out. i AM better getting the members to help and He better at talking to people on the street. Its great to be his comp because we arrived on the mission the same time and we leave the mission the same time. But Will we the leave from the same mission. QUEM Sabe?( Who knows?) The new Will form in 2 months and the area presidency hasn't Said anything to the Pres Hoggan about the new mission. Any way whatever happens I´ll be ready and willing.

Tomorrow we are making the trip to São Luis for conf with pres hoggan. So i´ll get to see Elder Clark...YES!! I Can not Wait.

I hope you enjoyed the photos that i sent. And i AM super excited to talk with you guys Sunday afternoon. Wait for my phone call Saturday about the time. And don't forget the phone call. I hope Landon Will speak to me. Which reminds of na experience this last week. We were teaching a family. There was a little girl of one year and 8 months. I was amazed that she could speak to me so clearly. And i could stop think about Landon and Quinn.

Com Amor
Elder R. Spencer