Monday, January 12, 2009


Hey family,

All is well. This next weekend we are finally going to have the Baptism of Ferenda. It took her a little bit longer to gain a firm testimony about the Church but now she has it. She doesn't want to go against the response that she received through sincere prayer. It felt so good to hear that she finally wanted to get baptized after all the time we have been teaching her and her family. We are still working on her dad who needs a lot of time, because his desire to receive a answer from heavenly father is not there yet. But somethings just need time to work them selves out, right.

IT was nice to read yours letters today. Way to go Cody, I cant wait to hear where you end going to. My guess is Texas. :) so you use your cowboy boots.

Good to hear how Quinn and Landon are going, especially dad´s comment about Landon that he is just being 2, he is a good fit for the family.

Have a good week.
Ryan Spencer


Grandma Horton said...

Dear Elder Spencer,
I thought it would be good for you to know that someone looked at your blog.
You take fun pictures..have you inherited some of your sister's talents?
How exciting to have a baptism coming up soon. YowEzoWdoW
Prayers to you from us!