Monday, December 29, 2008


Happy New Years,I hoped everyone enjoyed Christmas. I sure did. It was awesome to speak to some of you on Christmas. The day before Christmas we had some of the hardest rain that I had seen in my mission. I saw a road turned into a raging river in 20 minutes. Christmas day elder Ferrato and I went down to the river by our house to take some Christmas pictures by the river, it was cool because it was the first that I had been close to he river and at the same time in some trees. The day after Christmas we had a baptism of Aliema. We have been teaching her and her family for about 4 weeks now. Only she was ready for baptism this week but her daughter Ferenda should be ready when she finds the desire to be baptized. Aliema asked me to baptize her so it was an awesome to be able to baptize her. To help her find the power of god on the earth and then baptized her for the remission of her sins. With the power that heavenly father has put on the earth through his prophets.We are still teaching the rest of the family to help them gain their own testimonies about the church and baptism. I am loving it. The mission is great and wonderful.
Love ryan