Monday, September 15, 2008


This week was different than the rest. We had the baptism of Ingrid yesterday after church. It was great, a member did the baptizing and Elder Gimenes and I sat backed and watched. The best thing was that the family of Ingrid was there as well, there are not members. Her mother cried. It was definitely a spiritual experience. I enjoyed it. We don’t have any ready to be baptized this week but the next we are praying that Ana Jolema will be ready to be baptized. The Bishop of the ward is offering to give Franisco and Aline a place to have there wedding, but unfortunately I don’t know too much about what happening because the Bishop likes to do things without talking to the us, the missionaries, about the investigators. Besides that little detail all is well and we are working with more references of the members.

P.s. one person this week said that i speak fluent Portuguese. i am pretty sure he was trying to be nice because when people want to know something about me they ask my comp, just as if i wasn't in the room. but he said that i speak fluently.


Dan and Wendy said...


Our son, Colin Childs, is also serving in the Belem, Brazil mission. Every now and then I post his e-mails on my blog as well.

I'm guessing that my son knows your brother since I saw a picture of my son on your blog.

Also, I'm guessing that my son was serving in the mission office when your brother got into the field, and they probably met then as well.

Anyway, great blog. It sounds like your brother is having a great experience.