Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hey family,It was great to speak with you guys. I loved it. Hard to believe that it was my third time calling. Time passes way too fast. It really is hard to believe that I been out for one year and three months already. It sounds like everyone is so different ( SO AT LEAST THAT WHAT YOU WANT ME TO THINK) but Aaron was the only honest one.

I can’t wait to see pictures, at least, of Landon and Quinn.Anyway thank you Laura and Lisa for making me feel homesick and old on the mission. Asking about what I have planned after the mission. I want to leave the subject on the back burner, just simmering for a little bit longer.

I went to the Post Office this morning and I got a notice about the package that you guys sent. The people in São Paulo decided to send it back you guys because they found Beef Jerky in it. I am not sure if you wrote it on the front of the package of what. If you send it again you don’t have to send Beef Jerky, I’ll live without.

Well I’ll get better next week with my letters by writing in my planner things that during the week they happen.

Love you all,
Elder Spencer

P.S. Laura send in an email your order for a Hammock with the colors. I´ll try to send a photo next week of some types of REdes.